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BIZEWO Dehumidifier for Home, 101 oz Water Tank, (950 sq.ft) Dehumidifiers for Basement, Bathroom, Bedroom with Auto Shut Off, Large Room Dehumidifier with 2 Working Mode, Defrost, 7 Colors LED Light

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  • [Smart Home Dehumidifier] BIZEWO dehumidifiers use semiconductor condensing technology to efficiently remove humidity from the air while ensuring quietness, keeping humidity levels below 45%, Suitable for room, basement, bedroom, bathroom, closet, office, garage, kitchen, laundry room, storage room. Create a healthy and comfortable environment for your family.
  • [Overflow Protection] The dehumidifier for the home has a large capacity water tank of 101 OZ and is equipped with automatic shutdown protection. There is a white floater embedded in the water tank, when the water level reaches a certain height, the floater will float up and touch the top of the tank, the home dehumidifier will stop working when it senses it, and the atmosphere lamp will flash to preventing water overflow and safeguarding the device from damage.
  • [Two Working Modes] The room dehumidifier is designed with turbo mode and sleep mode, When you select turbo mode, the dehumidifier will work all the time to effectively eliminate moisture from the air. When you select sleep mode, the noise of the dehumidifier will be reduced to the lowest 18db, creating a peaceful living environment for you while dehumidifying the air.
  • [Colorful Night Lights] The dehumidifier for the bedroom has seven gradient ambient lights, when you like a certain color, just wait for the light to change to that color automatically, then press the light button to lock it in. You can also use it as a night light to create a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere for you. If you don't like the light, you can also choose to turn it off.
  • [Auto Defrost] The portable bathroom dehumidifier is equipped with an intelligent defrost function that starts automatically defrosting when the temperature drops below 35°F, melting the frozen water to maintain constant and efficient dehumidification.
  • [Timer Settings] The small dehumidifier has a timer function (8H/12H/24H/36H/48H), which not only saves energy but also allows you to preset the operation, so that even when you are not at home or sleeping, it can operate safely and energy-saving for your convenience.
  • [Memory Function] The smart dehumidifier also has a memory function that restores mode settings, automatic constant humidity, and lighting before shutdown.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews

This dehumidifier sucks turns off soon as I turn it on

This dehumidifier sucks

Defective equipment turns off and doesn’t work

Travel Light
Works great

I got this for our 1,000 sq.ft. home that does not get much sunlight in the winter. We have high ceilimgs too. Works great.

Anonymous Reader
Works great

We have a daylight basement and the humidity is elevated down there in the winter (live in the Northwest). This device lowers humidity level from 60s to 50 in our downstairs bedroom in pretty quick fashion. Works much better than a different one I bought a year earlier. Good deal, especially for those sensitive to high humidity.

Benjamin Wagner
Fantastic for Bathroom

I was amazed how much water this dehumidifier extracted every day. Highly recommend for small rooms/bathrooms. It’s a nice size, fits on counter.